Periodontal Scaling and Root Planing

What is a Periodontal Scaling and Root Planing?

Periodontal scaling and root planings are ideal for patients who have gum disease. If you have gum disease, the soft tissues around the teeth separate and cause cratering and pocketing to form. Because it’s impossible to clean these pockets on your own, we suggest having a scaling and root planing done. This deep cleaning involves clearing out the gingival pocketing that has formed around the teeth, preventing further progression of the disease.

Why is a Periodontal Scaling and Root Planing needed?

If you fail to treat gum disease, it will eventually get worse. Over time, gum disease can lead to tooth loss and underlying bone loss. Once this occurs, the only way to truly restore your smile is with invasive surgical procedures. To prevent this from happening, a scaling and root planing is needed to clean out below the gum line and prevent the area from becoming further infected.

What Is A Periodontal Scaling And Root Planing
Why Is A Periodontal Scaling And Root Planing Needed

Who is a candidate for a Periodontal Scaling and Root Planing?

To determine if you have gum disease, we’ll use a painless periodontal probe to measure the pocketing around each tooth. If the pocketing is deeper than about 3mm, we may recommend that you have this deep cleaning procedure done. The cleaning is performed in our office by a registered dental hygienist. Most often, the scaling and root planing cleaning is done in two consecutive appointments, since local anesthetic is necessary.

What happens during the Periodontal Scaling and Root Planing procedure?

We first numb one whole side of your mouth. Once these areas are numb and you’re comfortable, our registered hygienist will use special tools, called scalers, to remove buildup from both above and below the gum line. The gingival pocketing is cleared of any debris, plaque and tartar before the roots of the teeth are carefully planed (smoothed). Smoothing the roots helps to prevent bacterial adhesion as well as helps the gums to heal closer to the teeth. You will then be scheduled to come in and have the other side of your mouth treated in a similar way.

If you would like to learn more about a scaling and root planing, call us today so that we can help to answer any and all questions that you have.