TMJ Therapy

What is TMJ Therapy?

The TMJ, or temporomandibular joint, is responsible for connecting the lower jawbone to the skull. As with many other joints in the body, this area can become painful, inflamed and immobile over time. If you’ve been noticing that your TMJ is tender, swollen or if you hear a grinding, clicking or popping when opening or closing the jaw, you may benefit from TMJ therapy. TMJ therapy works to eliminate the pain and discomfort that comes from temporomandibular joint dysfunction.

Why is TMJ Therapy needed?

TMJ problems often begin as something more minor and get worse over time. This is why therapy is so beneficial and needed for patients experiencing pain and discomfort to any degree. Some of the problems to look for when considering TMJ therapy include:

  • Pain around the temporomandibular joint
  • Swelling and inflammation of the joint
  • Inability to open your mouth fully
  • Clicking, popping or grinding sounds coming from the joint area when it’s in use
  • Tenderness and soreness
  • Headaches and ear aches
What Is Tmj Therapy
Why Is Tmj Therapy Needed

Who is a candidate for TMJ Therapy?

To determine if you would benefit from TMJ therapy, we can examine the joint. We will ask you to open and close your jaw to determine if there is a problem with it. We may even take special x-rays of these areas so that we can further identify the issue. If you need therapy, we suggest coming in for care before the TMJ problems get worse.

What happens during the TMJ Therapy process?

We offer many different therapy options to our patients. Depending on how severe the TMJ dysfunction is, we can create the treatment plan that is right for you. Some of the most common therapy methods include physical therapy, hot and cold therapy as well as injections. Pain medication can help to manage the pain and improve your quality of life. In severe cases, surgery is necessary to help correct more serious TMJ problems.

If you would like to come into the office for TMJ therapy, call us now to speak with one of our professional team members about treatment.